#00 - Trusting God In the Unknown (Inspired by "Trust In You" by Lauren Daigle)

A Study On: 
Trusting God At All Times

It’s easy to trust others, and God, when things are going well, but how do we keep that trust going when we’re unsure of a situation or struggling to understand life?

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Julia Shelton

I ❤️ your music!

Heather Evans

I currently lead an an women’s small group on the University of Nevada, Reno campus for InterVarsity Christian fellowship. Recently we were given free range on what to teach in our small groups for the rest of the semester. Prepping this passage, I listened to Lauren’s song, “Trust In You” on loop for days. This song wrecked me. I had heard it 100 times before but intentionally listening to the lyrics and just sitting in a place with just me and God created such a place of peace it is hard to describe. Recently I have decided to follow Jesus in his calling into ministry. I have no idea what that looks like so I basically just walked into the Unknown without a plan, except to trust in God. I plan on using this next week for our small group and I can not wait to see how the ladies grow closer to God by realizing that there is not a day ahead he has not seen. He is with us always. AMEN


I am a fifteen year old that loves music and loves the LORD and I believe with this Lauren Daigle study you can reach a lot of people.


I think this message is so true, and that trusting in God is vital to our everyday lives. I love the idea of bringing music into a bible study, as a person who loves music. I think this is a really neat way of thinking outside of the box and I love it!

Diane Kennedy

I find this study to be very relevant to our times. Incorporating music in a Bible study is a great idea and I think it is less intimidating to people. They will share their feelings more freely with this study than than some that I have been in.

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