#06 - The Beauty In Being Different (Inspired by "Different" by Micah Tyler)

A Study On: 
How our faith makes us stand out. 

Maybe you’ve heard before that being different is a bad thing. In reality, being different is the thing that makes us most effective as Christians. When we allow our faith to make us stand out from the rest of the world, unbelievers get a glimpse of Jesus and want to know more about this thing that makes us different.

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Samuel Aang Nthini JNR

i agree,as christian we need to be different,if will be the same as the world then we are not setting a good example. Christ came here, on this earth and he did not, choose to be like the world,but he chose to be different and set a good example for believers. That’s why, we are following him, so if we want our faith to stand out,we should differ with the world.

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