A Walk-Through Of An IRL Christian Music Devotional Study

IRL Resources is an entirely new curriculum that combines the latest Christian music with conversation starters that help you inspire and grow your students and family. Each study is based on a Christian hit song.

Here is a quick walk-through of what you'll receive with each study and how you can use the provided materials.


Both our Home and Group studies come with a 1-page, printable worksheet that is designed to spark conversation about the specific theme or topic of the week. This will be what your family, students or group members use to go through the study with you leading the way. 


You'll also get a leader's guide that will help you easily lead each study. Home guides are a simple 1-sheet that give you step by step instructions on how to go through the theme and includes links to view or stream the song on YouTube and Spotify. 

Individual Leader's Guide

The Group Plan includes an expanded, time-based Leader's Guide that includes an ice-breaker game, full talking points and devotional thoughts that can shape a short sermon and multiple slides to display on projector screens/monitors.

Professional Leader's Guide


Each study has been professionally curated by the editorial team at NewReleaseToday, the largest Christian music site online, and reviewed by our panel of pastors for Biblical accuracy.

You get immediate access to 52 studies with both the Home and Group One Year Plans. Multi-study theme packs are also available.

We look forward to joining you throughout the year as we not only listen to great, life-changing Christian music but study it together as well.



I am a youth pastor in a small rural community. I am constantly trying to find new ways to connect to them. I love this idea. Thank you for it.

James Christy

A Great Way to Learn.

Barbara Johnson

Looking forward to checking out this new component of study, via music and lyrics.

Louise Colvin

I look forward to receiving these. What a perfect and inspiring way to spiritually engage others in our love of sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

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