Winter Jam 2019 Fruit of the Spirit Pack (9 Studies)

Winter Jam 2019 Fruit of the Spirit Pack (9 Studies)


IRL Resources has partnered with Winter Jam, Christian music's largest tour, for an exclusive 9-week curriculum based on the Fruit of the Spirit and inspired by songs from artists that appeared at Winter Jam 2019.

This pack of 9 different IRL studies examines each fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23 NIV) and is inspired by songs from Hollyn, Rend Collective, Adam Agee, Dan Bremnes, Manic Drive, Newsboys, NewsongLEDGER and Ty Brasel.

Available in two versions:

  • Home version includes a 1-page Leader's Guide and a 1-page Worksheet.
  • Group version includes expanded Leader's Guide, an ice-breaker game, sermon notes, media slides, a closing prayer, student worksheet and more. 

Read below for more information on these studies.


    01 Love 

    The Bible tells us repeatedly that love is the greatest commandment. As sons and daughters of a God who loves fiercely, it’s our job to mirror that love to everyone we meet. 

    02 Joy

    Happiness is nothing more than a fleeting emotion, but true joy is found only in the Lord and remains unshaken no matter what’s going on around us.

    03 Peace

    As followers of Christ, we are called to be bearers of peace and to live at peace with one another. Before we can live out peace with others though, we first have to experience the peace of God in our own hearts.  

    04 Patience

    Patience and perseverance go hand-in-hand, so when we face failure and defeat, God asks us to be patient in the pain, to endure the hardship, and to let Him help us get back up again.   

    05 Kindness

    We serve a kind Father, and because of that, it’s our job as His children to mirror that kindness to those around us. When we do that, others get a glimpse of who He is.  

    06 Goodness

    In order to change the world we think we have to do something extravagant. However, small acts of goodness have the power to change the world every single day when done out of genuine love.   

    07 Faithfulness

    Because Christ is faithful to us, He asks us to be faithful to Him—even when the people around us don’t understand or agree. He wants us to stand firm in our faith and stay dedicated to sharing the Gospel.

    08 Gentleness

    Gentleness has been defined, not as weakness, but as strength under control. As Christians, we can be gentle in spirit with those around us because of the power of Christ in us.   

    09 Self-Control

    Self-control means saying no to the desires of our flesh and surrendering those desires to the Lord. One way we practice this every day is in the plans we make for our lives and the paths we choose to take. 


    Whether you are a youth pastor looking to engage your students, a small group leader exploring different opportunities for Biblical study or a parent wanting to engage your children in new ways, IRL Resources is an affordable option to not only listen to great Christian music, but to study the biblical themes these songs express. 


    Each week, you'll receive a multiple-page guide that will help you walk through the related study step by step. You'll get talking points, sermon notes, an ice-breaker game and links to stream the song. Plus, you'll get HD slides on each section for monitor use. (NOTE: Home versions include a 1-page with shorter notes.)


    Each week's worksheet is designed around conversation. From places to take notes, to thought-provoking questions, bible verses, focus themes and quotes from the artist, everything is designed to spark engagement with the theme. (NOTE: Both Group and Home Worksheets are identical.)


    We are so confident you will love your IRL Resources pack, we offer a 10-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked! If for any reason you are not happy with your pack, email us at and we will take care of you!

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    Kevin M.

    "My children are 11 and 9 and we have had a blast going through the IRL studies. They make it incredibly each to open up conversation with my kids in new ways and because they love music, I have their attention from the beginning. Thank you for this amazing resource for my family"!

    Jonathan Z. 

    I am a small town youth pastor and these studies are extremely accurate, fun, and educational! The lyrics of these songs are so deep and valuable and so much will be gained throughout the youth of this nation by IRL’s song study. This will undoubtedly change this nation for the better!"

    Diane K.

    "Incorporating music into a Bible study is a great idea and I think it is less intimidating to people, inviting them to share more freely."


    "I love the idea of bringing music into a bible study. As a person who loves music, this is a really neat way of thinking outside of the box!"