IRL Pack 4 (Studies #25-32)
IRL Pack 4 (Studies #25-32)

IRL Pack 4 (Studies #25-32)


Our IRL Study Pack 4 includes studies #25-32, inspired by songs from artists MercyMeJonny Diaz7eventh Time Down, Jaci Velasquez, Citizen Way, JJ Weeks Band, Stephen Christian and Greg Sykes.

Read below for more information on these studies. 

Available in two versions:

  • Home version includes a 1-page Leader's Guide and a 1-page Worksheet, all for just $1.75 per study.

  • Group version includes expanded Leader's Guide, an ice-breaker game, sermon notes, media slides, a closing prayer and worksheet, all for just $5.25 per study.

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    025 Jonny Diaz

    Society often tells us that scars are meant to be covered up, but Jesus tells us instead that they are marks that remind us of His faithfulness.

    026 7eventh Time Down

    We all have regrets and things we wish we could change about our old life, but God promises to wipe the slate clean when we come to Him.

    027 Jaci Velasquez

    We often get frustrated because He doesn’t move our mountains the way we want Him to, but He always knows best.

    028 Citizen Way

    When hardships in life begin to pile up, think about the many blessings we’ve been given. That can bring us back to a thankfulness and peace.

    029 JJ Weeks Band

    Remember to be thankful for the seemingly small things that God does for us every day instead of just focusing on the big things.

    030 Stephen Christian

    We undoubtedly have our own plans for the future, but when we surrender those things to the Lord we will really live to the fullest.

    031 MercyMe

    It’s inevitable that we will make mistakes in life, but the good news of the Gospel is that God sees us as flawless.

    032 Greg Sykes

    All across Scripture, we see that God loves to take things that look hopeless and turn them into situations that show His power.


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    Kevin M.

    "My children are 11 and 9 and we have had a blast going through the IRL studies. They make it incredibly each to open up conversation with my kids in new ways and because they love music, I have their attention from the beginning. Thank you for this amazing resource for my family"!

    Jonathan Z. 

    I am a small town youth pastor and these studies are extremely accurate, fun, and educational! The lyrics of these songs are so deep and valuable and so much will be gained throughout the youth of this nation by IRL’s song study. This will undoubtedly change this nation for the better!"

    Diane K.

    "Incorporating music into a Bible study is a great idea and I think it is less intimidating to people, inviting them to share more freely."


    "I love the idea of bringing music into a bible study. As a person who loves music, this is a really neat way of thinking outside of the box!"